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Charleston, SC


Trusted Lawyer in Charleston, SC

If you’re worried that you may need to ask for the personal attention of a Charleston, SC, lawyer, Dixon Law Firm is available to look over the details of your case. We’re flexible in setting up clients’ appointment times, and we offer representation that's based in the local area. We strive to provide insightful consultations regarding a wide range of legal issues.

Our firm assists clients who are trying to protect their rights in civil and criminal legal matters. We’re available to help you handle:

•  Misdemeanor or felonies accusations
•  DUI claims
•  Family law issues
•  A divorce case
•  Probate law questions

Dixon Law Firm is available to examine your case anytime Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, or Saturday - Sunday, by appointment. A Charleston, SC, lawyer will explore the particulars of your case and offer a sense of what legal remedies are worth considering. Call us before your situation gets out of hand and seek our representation.

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